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being human

There are a lot of conflicting energies swirling around in our world today and it can be a lot to digest, but one element that personally excites me is the ever growing destigmatization of talking about our mental health. While we are currently living in an era where things like social media burden us on the regular with unrealistic expectations around basically everything, we’re also beginning to have more open conversations around previously taboo topics regarding the reality of our human experience. As we continue to collectively share more of our personal vulnerabilities with one another, we're realizing that we're actually far from alone in our spectrum of struggles. We've begun breaking down generational cycles of silent suffering, speaking up when we need help, practicing reminding one another and normalizing the fact that...

ok to not
be ok

why therapy?

As society continues to recognize the enormous impact mental health has on our everyday lives, more and more people are making the decision to invest in their mental and emotional well being by going to therapy. Some of my hope in this era is that we continue acknowledging what it means to be Human in our world today, commit to unpacking our personal and systemic shadow,  all while normalizing issues around mental health and encouraging one another to seek support when needed. I believe that taking the time to inwardly work on and care for ourselves is a radical act of healing not only for us as individuals but for the collective at large. The more we show up for ourselves and take ownership of our lives, the more we have to offer to the world around us. And guess what?

the world needs

your magic

more than


what does therapy look like?

My role as psychotherapist is to create a safe space dedicated to you and the exploration of your inner world. Using curiosity + compassion as our guide, we'll gently explore where you come from on a personal and systemic level, and together we'll examine how these elements impact the choices you make and the experiences you encounter in your everyday life. We all hold trauma and past wounding which we carry with us into our present life, and throughout our lifetime we have created protective ways to manage these internal experiences. Together we'll befriend and shine light on the various protective parts of your internal system that may have assisted you in the past but are currently keeping you stuck in dysfunctional patterns. We'll safely access the vulnerable layers of your past and wounded self and learn how to practice honoring old unmet needs in present time. We'll highlight and cultivate your innate strengths and gifts and discover new ways of being in the world. My approach is playful, intuitive and trauma informed, while grounded in psychodynamic theory, attachment theory and Internal Family Systems. I have a background in Expressive Arts Therapy and when appropriate or invited, will use astrology, guided imagery, tarot and other archetypal mediums for deepening inward exploration and guidance. I genuinely love my work and am infinitely grateful to be able to witness so many humans on their healing path.

let's work

through this




I offer support in these areas:




family of origin


relationship issues



self esteem

inner critic

life transitions


life direction


people pleasing




sensitive folks


personal power

identifying needs

finding your voice

intergenerational trauma

spiritual development

childhood neglect


children of alcoholics

burn out

feeling stuck

self sabotage

stuck in old patterns


I work with people of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, genders, all bodies and abilities. You are welcome here.

If you’re curious about my offerings and wonder if we might be a good fit,

click here to shoot me a message. I look forward to connecting with you.

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