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astrology + healing

What was once a playful hobby quickly became a curious pursuit once I realized how ridiculously powerful astrology can be as a tool for self knowledge and healing. I've personally benefitted so much from learning the ins and outs of my own natal birth chart that I now offer astrology as part of my therapeutic practice to those who are curious to explore.




Your birth chart is a map of your psyche created the moment you were born, essentially providing you with invaluable personal information that can assist in fast tracking the therapeutic process. By befriending your personal planetary placements, you can discover your particular mental, emotional and physical needs, identify patterns and areas in life where you tend to get stuck, while shining light on your innate strengths and internal resources. By understanding your birth chart you uncover how each planet works best, learning how to care for and embody it's highest potential by honoring it's particular needs, which then in turn creates a healthier and happier system as a whole. When you neglect a part of your chart, you may feel radically out of alignment and experience feelings of stuckness and discomfort. When you intentionally feed all aspects of your chart, you feel energized and in your personal power.

shows us who we

are at the core, identifying our

deepest needs for 
self expression
and identity.

the sun

the moon

shows us how we

process emotions,

what our deepest

needs are, and how

to honor them on

a daily basis

rising sign

shows us how we

engage with the

world, our lens on

life, and the way in

which others may
experience us.

shows us the

way in which we

think, communicate

and process



shows us our

love nature, how

we attract others, 
our relationship to 
money and our
own self worth.


shows us our deepest motivations, our sexual

drive and how to best

utilize our energy to

make things happen

in our life.



what does an astrotherapy session look like?

An astrotherapy session looks very similar to a regular therapy session in that we are creating a safe container for you to process your emotions and experiences while exploring the landscape of your inner world. The difference is that as an astrotherapist, I am holding space for the client with awareness around the client's unique birth chart and current astrological transits and how both these aspects show up in the client's life. Depending on the client's individual level of astrological knowledge, we will begin to explore the client's birth chart throughout our work together, sometimes with direct education and other times organically sprinkling in astrological wisdom whenever appropriate. Each therapeutic container will look different depending on what each individual client is seeking in our work together. 

planetary cycles + your life

I also use present time astrology to look at how the current planetary placements in the sky are personally impacting your birth chart at this particular moment in time. By using this process of examining the current transits to your chart, we can identify current themes in your life that require your attention and how to best support you at that time. For example, if we discover that current sky uranus is transiting your natal sun in your 10th house, we will explore themes around your identity and your particular gift to the world, while supporting you through sudden changes and radical realizations that may be arising at that time.

understanding our birth chart allows us to:

accept ourselves more fully

identify areas of our life that require

our attention

highlight our innate strengths and gifts

learn the best self care tools

specific to our needs

In order to fully explore the deepest realms of your birth chart, we will need your birth date, place of birth, and exact birth time. If you do not have your exact birth time, we are still able to work with multiple aspects of your chart.

To begin your own exploration, click here 

and get a free copy of your birth chart.

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